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Private Trust

ARM Trustees Limited (ARMT) proffers advice to clients on strategies for effective estate planning. Our main strategy is geared towards the preservation and enhancement of wealth for our clients…

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Estate Planning

Contrary to what you may think, Estate Planning is not about houses, buildings or real estate holdings that you may have. It is about planning for the disposition and administration of an estate…

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Commercial Trust

We offer a wide range of commercial trust services to public and private sector entities such as State Governments, Corporate entities, Issuers of Debt and other hybrid Instruments…

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ARM Trustees understands ambitions. We are passionate about creating opportunities that help transform ambitions into reality.
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February 5, 2018 in Job Hunter, Life Bits

Retirement this year doesn’t have to be boring

This is a big year for you. You’re retired now and it’s time to rest from all your years of hard work. You are excited to take the much-needed relaxation but somewhere in your heart, you can’t shake that feeling that you may get bored along the way. But don’t overthink it. You can still have a retirement free of boredom. Here are some tips to get you going: Think big, act bold The fact that you have retired doesn’t mean that you cannot set new goals and aim for new accomplishments. You can pursue a passion you’ve always wanted…

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January 30, 2018 in Life Bits

Five people you love who died without Wills

You know those people you admired from afar, secretly wishing they were somehow related to you. Even if they couldn’t be your father or brother, could they at least be a distant cousin? Any form of connection would do. You admired their success, the wealth they had built for themselves, the legacy they had created. You imagined how easy their lives must be, how doors would swing open at the mere mention of their names. Their families are lucky, you always concluded. Their lives would be a lot easier than the average person’s and their future secured. You could only…

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January 29, 2018 in Life Bits

January salary, is that you?

So you endured the 95 days in January, after balling in December, paying school fees, house rent and a million other bills   Then finally your endurance paid off and you see payday just ahead   Then you remember you borrowed money from Tunde and even took cash advance from your bank   While you are still trying to sort your confusion, you get a ‘just saying hi’ message from bae, because Valentine is around the corner   What a wawu! You can already see your account balance laughing at you like this   This 2018 must be different o,…

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