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Edu – Trust Online

A Trust is an arrangement which allows assets (such as shares, cash, real estate) to be transferred to a Trustee by a Settlor for the benefit of named beneficiaries.

ARM Trustees Limited has carefully designed the Edu-Trust online with the sole aim of assisting you as a parent/guardian to secure uninterrupted education for your children or wards by beginning the process of conveniently setting up their Trusts online via your internet-enabled electronic devices.

Benefits of an Education Trust

By setting up an Edu-Trust for your children or wards, you receive:

Uninterrupted education of your beneficiaries even in your absence.

Funds will be professionally managed to achieve safety and attractive returns.

School fees would be paid directly to schools to prevent diversion of funds.

Quarterly Reports on the performance of the investment portfolio.

How it works

  • Visit our website and get started.
    Click on the “get started” button and purchase the Education Trust on our investment centre website.
  • Answer simple questions.
    Complete the Edu-Trust questionnaire and submit to ink your desires into a legal document.
  • Endorse your desires.
    Execute each copy of your document in accordance with the advised steps and guides.

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Secure their future with Education Trust.

Secure an uninterrupted education for your children or wards with our Education Trust.

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