Commercial Trust

We offer a wide range of commercial trust services to public and private sector entities such as State Governments, Corporate entities, Issuers of Debt and other hybrid Instruments. Our specialties span:

  • Sub-National Bond Issues
  • Debenture/Corporate Bond Issues
  • Mutual Funds/Unit Trusts Schemes
  • Pension Funds
  • Loan Syndication & Consortium Lending Transactions

Commercial Trust

We serve as trustees to bonds issued by the government. These Bonds are raised for a variety of reasons such as where governments seek to access the debt market to boost medium to long term development through infrastructural or real estate projects. Such transactions are secured by government revenues and backed by an Irrevocable Standing Payment Order (ISPO) with instructions for direct deduction from a State’s allocation from the federation Account. We are also positioned to act as Trustees on supranational bonds issued by two or more government or international institutions with the objective of promoting economic development for member countries.

Corporate Trust

With an ever increasing need by Companies to grow rapidly, expand and enhance working capital, access to funds is structured in several ways which includes loan syndication, consortium lending arrangements, issuance of corporate bonds and securitisation

Our role as trustees includes;

  • Registering the security/collateral in the name of the Trustee on behalf of the stakeholders
  • Proper documentation of the trust relationship
  • Co-ordinating, registering and monitoring obligations as stated in the Trust documents as well as managing the relationship among stakeholders
  • Hold security on behalf of stakeholders
  • Convene meetings of all the parties as and when due
  • Act in mediatory/reconciliatory capacity in the event of conflicts

What can ARMT do for you?

  • Provide suitable trust arrangements to private equity funds and investors
  • Act as Trustee for employee benefit/share option schemes or for staff welfare/benefits arrangements
  • Acting as escrow agent
  • Security trustee for a syndicate of investors/lenders
  • General custodial service