C & I Leasing Plc Seeks to Raise N3.2 billion Right Issue

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C & I Leasing Plc Right Issue C & I Leasing Plc is seeking to raise N3.2 billion by way of Rights Issue. The company is offering 539 million ordinary shares of 50 kobo each at a rights price of N6.00/share to existing shareholders based on 4 new ordinary shares for every 3 ordinary shares held as at 4th of September 2019.  The Rights issue opened on the 18th of November 2019 and closes on the 27th of December 2019. Use of Proceeds Capital Restructuring. Ensure optimum capital structure that appropriate balance of debt and equity. Repayment of Short-Term Loans. Reduction of short-term…

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Baby, I’ve lost my job!

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Bisola was in the kitchen when her husband, Ken returned from work. She heard him open the door and the children greet him, but he didn’t pop into the kitchen to hug her from behind as was his usual greeting. She knew something must be wrong. Wiping her wet hands on the towel hanging from the rack, Bisola took off her apron and made for the bedroom to see Ken. She found him sitting on the bed with head on his palms. She sat quietly beside him and placed an arm on his shoulder before asking “Baby, is everything alright?”…

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Tips to Stay Healthy during the rainy season

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It feels good when it rains and the atmosphere looks fresh and exciting  As much as the rainy season brings joy and freshness, there is also a healthy impairment of people. Due to excessive moisture in the rainy season, the biggest fear of the spread of flu, malaria, bacterial, and viral diseases remains. However, there are some tips which help you to stay healthy, away from these diseases in the month of this rain. 1. Wash your hands properly It is very important to wash hands regularly in the month of rain. We go to many places, meet many people,…

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4 reasons you should never write a Will

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What’s all the fuss about writing a Will? You’ve watched it in movies and heard too much talk about writing a Will but you know deep within that you don’t want to do it. You think it’s a preparation for demise. Well, we’ve compiled some reasons you may not need to write a Will. Take a look. No family or dependent If you don’t have children or family you love who depend on you financially, then don’t write a Will. Knowing that anything can happen at any time, don’t be the person that leaves their family financially unprotected. Don’t care…

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30 and ready to Will it

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I didn’t think I would come this far so soon. 10 years ago, I was just a starry-eyed girl, fresh from university looking for her place in the world. What is now my chain of stores began like child’s play. My first job was as a front desk executive at a consulting firm. Many of the well paid big girls in the office could not resist complementing my dress sense. They found it amazing that I could pull of magazine cover type of looks on my entry level salary. I knew all the hot spots for good clothes, the will…

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Q4 Nigerian Strategy Report: Pathway in turning tide

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Crude Oil: Will crude oil ‘roller coaster’ linger? Crude oil market rebalancing in the third quarter of 2017 was ahead of our forecast, as US oil production was partially disrupted by the Hurricane while OPEC stuck to its pact. For context, at the start of the quarter, we had forecasted a slower rebalancing of the crude oil market with excess supply projected to decline to 100kbpd (Q2 17: 400kbpd). This view was hinged on quick increases in shale production, which we expected to moderate the impact of rising demand and OPEC’s production cut. Irrespective, the impact of hurricane on production…

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ECONOMIC UPDATE: JULY 2017 According to this Economic Update, the spread between BDC and I&E window rates narrowed from 4% in April to 0.1% in July 2 save for the official rate. FMDQ ignites further FX liquidity flame: In more recent development, the FMDQ selected Bloomberg as a partner saddled with the responsibility to report transactions in the I&E window electronically and enhance price discovery and transparency. Consequently, Bloomberg’s USDNGN reporting became based on the I&E window as opposed to the CBN-determined SMIS interbank rate. In our view, the increase in FX turnover at the I&E window and an overall…

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