6 Life-saving Tips for Harmattan

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Yaay! It’s January, that time of the year that always comes with the joy of giving, bright lights, shiny presents, and loads of food. It is also a time that comes with cold, dry winds, haziness and a lot of dust. Harmattan is coming and these are six life-saving tips to help you stay productive and healthy regardless of the season. WOOL FOR THE WIN It is always cold during harmattan and to protect yourself from the cold, you should wear more wool-based cloths as against cotton which is common and mostly suitable for other seasons. BUILD YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM…

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A cheat guide to staying fit this Christmas

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What is Christmas without food and drinks? No wonder some of us come back in January with a resolution to shed those mysterious pounds that somehow snuck in unnoticed. We have all been there. Oh, the torture! But hey, there’s good news. Here are ways to curtail any unnecessary weight gain this Christmas without hitting the gym – because honestly, who wants to be at the gym at Christmas? Eat before going out Don’t skip meals. Try to eat something before heading out. Doing this helps you avoid the temptation to overindulge yourself or eat a lot. Drink moderately (and…

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