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Choose your story

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Choose your story – Realising Ambitions Press enter to begin your search The year 2020 will forever be in everyone’s memory as the year that the corona virus pandemic caused a shift in paradigms and re-defined the norm as we know it. It can also be remembered as the year you decided to look the storm in the eye and reach for your biggest goals. It comes down to the story you wish to tell of 2020. While tales of woe seem to be predictable for this year, how about standing out with telling tales of taking strides towards achieving…

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Why Every Muslim Should Write A Will

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If you are a Muslim and you have been uncertain about writing a Will, the below article would address some of your concerns as it would provide you with more clarity. The valid question which many Muslims ask themselves is, “does Islam support Muslims in writing Wills?” Yes, it does! There are inheritance guidelines laid out in the Quran which direct on equitable disposition of people’s assets after their demise, they can be found mainly in chapter 2, Al-Baqarah and chapter 4, An-Nissaa’; a total of fourteen verses. According to the Holy Quran, the estate of a deceased must first…

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4 Reasons you should diversify your Investment portfolio

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As an expert stock trader or a beginner, one thing, you are constantly weary of is risk. The popular phrase -the higher the risks, the bigger the reward, has started to loose relevance, as day after day we realize that smart risks often present the best rewards, as they shield you from losses and unforeseen events. One way to take smart risks is by diversifying your portfolio. Simply put, DO NOT PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET. In this article, we have analysed 4 reasons you should always diversify: YOU OWN THE ADVANTAGE IN DIFFERENT MARKETS. Diversification allows you…

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The awakening

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When the entire pandemic issue saturated the news and the lockdown came into effect, Folabi was devastated. Life’s worries and constant fear made him forget his plans for 2020 and laid aside his life goals. In January, Folabi had told his friends and family about proceeding to do his MBA in an Ivy league school abroad. He also had the plan of starting his side hustle and had started actively investing in these dreams. All these seemed like a pipe dream drowned by the current happenings as Folabi, out of fear, started to withdraw from his investment. Every single withdrawal…

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ARM Securities NUBAN Account Numbers FAQs

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What is the ARMS NUBAN Account Numbers? This is a new payment solution available for clients to make payments to their ARM Securities investment accounts via bank transfers, internet banking, USSD and any other funds transfer channels using a unique bank account number. How does it work? A unique NUBAN account number is generated and linked to your stocktrade account. This ensures that once payment is completed using the unique NUBAN account number, the funds are automatically credited to your cash account. Can I use my account number for other payment services? No, you can’t. The NUBAN account number can…

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A question of investing in dollars

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Dear Financial Experts, I hear that when there’s an economic downturn due to pandemics like the current Covid-19 surge, it is wise to consider diversifying investments. I want to know if I should go ahead and invest in dollars. Thank you. Jane Umenna from PH Financial experts’ response Dear Jane, Thank you for writing to us with your enquiry. In response to your question, yes, investors can hedge their capital from downside risks of a possible naira devaluation by investing in dollars. It also affords you as an investor the benefits of diversified portfolio whilst meeting any future dollar-denominated obligations….

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Myths and Truth About Will Writing

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Myth: I’m too young to write a Will Fact: The legal age to write a Will is 18 years and above. Once an individual satisfies the age criteria and has the required mental capacity (must be of sound mind), he or she is eligible to write a Will. Myth: Will is for the rich guys Fact: Having a Will is not dependent on one’s net worth. Individuals with modest size of assets or even one asset can also have their Wills drafted. Asides giving instructions on how one’s assets should be distributed among beneficiaries, a Will can also be used…

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5 ways to maintain mental sanity during a pandemic

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When there’s a pandemic or during periods of uncertainty, it is natural for the human mind to go haywire with fearful thoughts that affect the mental capacity negatively. We are living in such times at the moment with the emergence of the Corona Virus which has disrupted our way of life and forced us all to adapt to the new normal. It is, however, critical that one maintains mental sanity amidst the current circumstances in order to navigate life and be mentally prepared for life after the pandemic. Here below are five ways that will help: 1. Because doing these…

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