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6 Christmas money-saving tips for 2017

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With the year fast winding down and Christmas barely 55 days away, have you started preparing for the festivities? Christmas is that time of the year that swallows up a huge chunk of our money leaving most of us apprehensive as the New Year approaches. It is common to hear people lament being broke in January, but this doesn’t have to be so for you if you follow these tips.   Be organized Know what you want to spend money on and create a budget to match your planned expenses. If you’ll be gifting people or travelling, find out the…

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4 reasons to get life insurance

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The topic of getting life insurance is one you may not want to talk about. But because it is important that you ensure the financial security of people that depend on you, it is worth dealing with. First, let us break down why you need one. If you’re a breadwinner, you need a life insurance Let’s be real, if you are the main financial backbone in your family and anything happens to you, your partner, children and anybody else that depends on you, will probably suffer financially. This is one of the major reasons people get life cover; to ensure…

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