How 2019 Looks for you as an investor

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With the New Year in sight, it is normal for every investor – including you – to feel a bit of apprehension. You might begin to wonder what the future holds, how the market will fare and whether to increase your investment. All these are valid thoughts and we’ve gone ahead to gather answers to your silent questions. How 2019 looks for you as an investor In the Equities Market: In 2019, the Nigerian economy will stay focused on oil prices output and the currency. These factors, we believe weigh heaviest on investor confidence, and exerts significant influence on our macro…

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Access Bank Plc and Diamond Bank Plc Merger: A Lofty Deal or Damp Squib?

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Nigerian Banks A Lofty Deal or a Damp Squib? • A switch to National Banking License… In our recently published equity commentary on Diamond Bank (See report: Overblown fright or Justified concerns), we had stated three options the bank’s management will adopt to keep the bank operational and meet its obligation to lenders. While we had considered the possible acquisition by a bigger bank, the management of both banks in separate press releases refuted the claim. Consequently, as with one of our options, Diamond Bank got approval from the CBN to operate as a national bank following the sale of…

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My uncle’s children

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My cousin Gerald has visited again. This time, he is staying for one month to buy all the necessities for his first year at the University. Dad would be funding it as usual. I and my five siblings have gotten used to seeing my dad fund his nephews’ education while my uncle did his best to keep populating the world. My mum wasn’t against dad helping his nephews, but she kept prodding dad to save some money for his own children’s education as well since we were all still quite young. Dad didn’t understand her. He believed that if he…

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ARM Research – Stock Recommendation for the Week , December 17

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Activities in the Nigeria equities market was bearish in the past week, with the NSE ASI declining by 0.60% WoW to 30,681.50 points and market capitalization shedding about N61.8 billion over the week. The loss was driven by declines in bellwether stocks in the banking (FBNH: -1.97%, STANBIC: -2.34% and ZENITH: -2.34%), Breweries (NB: -0.63%) and Food (NESTLE: -6.39%) sectors. Top decliners during the week were MOBIL (-10.41%), CONOIL (-10.00%) and CUTIZ (-9.64%).  Fidelity Bank Plc – BUY (FVE: N2.92). We are more optimistic on our earnings expectation over 2018 largely on the back of lower loan-loss provisioning. We…

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Don’t be like Uncle Jimoh

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The moment I crossed that finish line and felt the coldness of the medal as it was hung around my neck, I felt truly victorious. When 2018 began, I had pledged to be a healthier version of myself, get serious with investing, get married and begin planning my retirement. The latter was informed by my uncle’s heart-attack on his 65th birthday which the doctor relayed was partly due to his hard work and little or no rest. You see, Uncle Jimoh had retired but had to keep working at a Primary School to make ends meet. His children could have…

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Fixed Income Report: Is STAB the new normal?

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CBN moves the needle. Last week Thursday, for the first time this year, CBN conducted a special OMO auction where it sold Stabilization securities (STAB) worth N287.7 billion. This came after subscription levels (N403 billion) at Thursday’s auction were 42% and 41% shy of planned offer (N700 billion) and OMO maturity on the same day (N684 billion) respectively. In addition to OMO issuances earlier in the week, CBN net issued N248.7 billion in the first week of December alone. The Elephant in the room. It all started in November, where CBN grappled with pent up liquidity in the system following…

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A cheat guide to staying fit this Christmas

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What is Christmas without food and drinks? No wonder some of us come back in January with a resolution to shed those mysterious pounds that somehow snuck in unnoticed. We have all been there. Oh, the torture! But hey, there’s good news. Here are ways to curtail any unnecessary weight gain this Christmas without hitting the gym – because honestly, who wants to be at the gym at Christmas? Eat before going out Don’t skip meals. Try to eat something before heading out. Doing this helps you avoid the temptation to overindulge yourself or eat a lot. Drink moderately (and…

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ARM Research| Nigeria equity market booked another week of loss

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The Nigeria equity market booked another week of loss, with the NSE ASI declining by 2.54% WoW to 30,874.17 pts and the market capitalization shedding N293.7 billion over the week. The loss was driven by declines in bellwether stocks in the banking (FBNH: -6.58%, GUARANTY: -5.63%, STANBIC: -2.04%, UBA: -3.85% and ZENITH: -3.33%), cement (DANGCEM: -4.15%, LAFARGE: -7.14%) and Oil & gas (SEPLAT: -9.68%) sectors. Top decliners during the week were DIAMONDBNK (-31.58%), PRESTIGE (-30.38%) and UNITYBNK (-18.82%). Fidelity Bank Plc – BUY (FVE: N92). We are now more optimistic on our earnings expectation over 2018 largely on the back…

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‘Poof’ went the money

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Jane couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She was in shock. All her plans for the Christmas just disappeared before her eyes and she couldn’t fathom what had happened. For the past seven months, Jane had been saving towards Christmas. She was finally travelling home with her family after an 8-year break, and she wanted to storm her hometown in style. When she brought home the local piggy-bank she bought along the road to start her saving rendezvous, Edet her husband tried to dissuade her. Edet tried to convince Jane to invest her money instead so that it could bring…

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Things men don’t understand about women

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They say men are from Mars and women from Venus, but that analogy doesn’t even make logical sense to most men. What do planets have to do with women being such mysteries? Here are some things that baffle guys about the ladies: Why women say one thing and mean another Oh, don’t even go there. How can you ask a crying or angry lady if she’s fine and she says yes, then you go on your merry way? That’s just wrong in a woman’s book. She expects you to know she’s not fine. Be ‘smart’ like that. Women’s fascination with…

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