Baby Juliet’s Future

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When 34-year-old Damola gave birth to her daughter, she felt that her life was finally complete. Baby Juliet was the apple of her mother’s eyes and Damola spared no expense in giving her the very best. As a single parent, it wasn’t easy for Damola to cope with the demands of heading the Customer Service department at work, building her side hustle and raising a child alone, but she faced these responsibilities like a superwoman. Her friends and family tried to pitch in as often as possible but in the end, the bulk of the work lay with the mother…

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A tale of the triplets

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Jude, Jeff and Jaime were born on the same day to the same mother, looked almost the same, grew in the same household yet they were vastly different as black is to white. Jude was an incredible optimist. He was that man who believed that there was something good in every situation. He expected awesome things to happen for him and they did. He often joked that it was for him that the word ‘luck’ was invented. The man who was willing to live life to the fullest, take chances and learn from any mistakes whatsoever. Jaime was the indifferent…

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Just like a scene from the movies…

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Esther stood for close to an hour drinking in the sight of her husband Felix as he lay cold and lifeless in state. She tried to remember how well she knew him before his sudden demise- but the recent events of the past few hours brought her back to reality with the reminder that perhaps she didn’t know this man as well as she had thought. Esther had watched strangers stroll into her home the moment her husband’s death hit the news claiming to be family. Felix Brown was the CEO of Brown Entertainment – a foremost multimillion-naira entertainment company…

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#ILoveMyFamily: This Landlord Wahala Must Stop!

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We left our former place because the Landlord insisted we pay two years rent in advance at the expiration of our first year’s rent. We couldn’t afford it. I went to his house to plead but he said we pay or move out of his property. He was so arrogant and insulting. I left his place and went home to meet my wife, Chidinma. When I narrated my ordeal to my wife, she was furious. It dawned on us that it was high time we started making plans to own a house – the way most Landlords treat tenants in…

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#ILoveMyFamily: (Episode 1): Welcome to Our World

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My name is Lakunle. I am a husband, a father of two, and a salary earner. I married my wife, Chindima, the most beautiful woman in the world as far as I am concerned, five years ago when I started working. I met my wife during my National Youth Service Corps year in Enugu and we became best of friends. We had good plans. We shared our life goals and we were ready to take on the world. My two children, Nifemi and Chinedu, are very special to me. Nifemi is the older of the two. We had her on…

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How to deal with the inevitable expenses of 2019

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Some things remain constant with each year while some new situations welcome themselves regardless of our level of preparedness. Here are some things that will likely gulp your money in 2019 apart from your daily home expenses.   School fees – If you’re a parent, you must know that you will pay school fees thrice this year. The last one in September being of a bigger sum because your child will be entering a new class which will demand some financial responsibilities. Valentine’s Day – February still has 14th on it and the world will mark Valentine’s Day. Unless you…

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My uncle’s children

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My cousin Gerald has visited again. This time, he is staying for one month to buy all the necessities for his first year at the University. Dad would be funding it as usual. I and my five siblings have gotten used to seeing my dad fund his nephews’ education while my uncle did his best to keep populating the world. My mum wasn’t against dad helping his nephews, but she kept prodding dad to save some money for his own children’s education as well since we were all still quite young. Dad didn’t understand her. He believed that if he…

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Don’t be like Uncle Jimoh

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The moment I crossed that finish line and felt the coldness of the medal as it was hung around my neck, I felt truly victorious. When 2018 began, I had pledged to be a healthier version of myself, get serious with investing, get married and begin planning my retirement. The latter was informed by my uncle’s heart-attack on his 65th birthday which the doctor relayed was partly due to his hard work and little or no rest. You see, Uncle Jimoh had retired but had to keep working at a Primary School to make ends meet. His children could have…

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4 reasons you should never write a Will

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What’s all the fuss about writing a Will? You’ve watched it in movies and heard too much talk about writing a Will but you know deep within that you don’t want to do it. You think it’s a preparation for demise. Well, we’ve compiled some reasons you may not need to write a Will. Take a look. No family or dependent If you don’t have children or family you love who depend on you financially, then don’t write a Will. Knowing that anything can happen at any time, don’t be the person that leaves their family financially unprotected. Don’t care…

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Expecting the email?

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Have you received the email yet? The one from your child’s school reminding you that you need to pay a certain percentage of the fees on or before the school term resumes. Typically, it is accompanied by account details/bank teller and a comprehensive bill featuring items/activities you are convinced your child does not need but for which you have to pay. As you go through the list- tuition, books, school uniforms, school bus, lunch, music classes, elocution training, inter-house sports, swimming lessons, field trip– your stomach does a flip-flop, your countenance changing as you take a mental trip into all…

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